Kebony Nominated for Seven Architizer A+ Awards



This year, Kebony US was nominated for seven different Architizer A+ Awards, which might not be entirely unprecedented for a building products manufacturer, but it is certainly rare.

From Architizer: “The Architizer A+Awards sets itself apart from other architecture award programs by giving everyone a say on the world’s best architecture, spaces and products.

The A+Awards Popular Choice celebrates the opinions of a public that lives, works and plays within architecture every single day. Every vote is equal, so as you select your favorite project from the shortlist, your voice is heard.”

We were nominated for both our products and for projects for which our products were specified, which is very exciting. Below is a list of all the nominations, with a description of each. Please take a moment to vote for Kebony in each category of Architizer’s Popular Choice Awards, which is open to public voting.

Category: Projects

Architecture – Architecture + FacadesSilvernails HouseVOTE

This four-bedroom, five-bathroom, three-level family residence sits atop a ridge overlooking ranches, pastures and mountains of upstate New York on a pristine 120-acre property. Exterior walls are rainscreen-cladded with Kebony modified wood. Kebony was also used for the structure’s roof and was left unsealed in its natural state to take on a grey patina overtime. The cladding—which includes tilting sunshades that double as hurricane shutters on the windows—was attached using a unique, innovative clip system to the standing seams of roof sheathing, the first such installation in North America. As the same Kebony was used throughout the entire building envelope, it gives the house a monolithic—yet still very modern—appearance.

Architecture – Public ParkHunter’s Point South ParkVOTE

Hunter’s Point South is the newest phase of one of New York’s most anticipated waterfront development projects. Following the opening of the first phase in 2013, this second park stretches 5.5 acres in Long Island City, Queens. Together the parks offer 11 acres of vibrant waterfront green space along what was formerly a crumbling industrial stretch. The park was designed by SWA/Balsley in collaboration with Weiss/Manfredi. Kebony Clear modified wood was used for the boardwalk and benches throughout the park, providing a rich, natural landscape to complement the stunning new greenscape.

Architecture – Architecture + LearningMiami BuildLabVOTE

Product – Windows & SkylightsMiami BuildLabVOTE

The University of Miami this year unveiled the B.E. & W.R. Miller BuildLab, a physical space created by and for the Department of Architecture, where students are able to execute a modern architectural project from start to finish in a real-life design/build context. The open-air building, which has a 40-foot by 40-foot concrete frame with 17.5-feet-high ceilings.

“Kebony was the material of choice for the BuildLab’s louvers due to its remarkable uniformity, density, and ease with which to work,” architect Rocco Ceo said. “Kebony’ is also sustainably produced and therefore is an ideal material to impart the environmental values we aspire to for material selection in our design/build program.”

Category: Products

Product – Building Envelopes & Cladding – Kebony (featuring Norwegian Daytrip Huts) – VOTE

Product – Landscape Products – Kebony (featuring Walterdale Bridge) – VOTE

Architecture – Religious Buildings and MemorialsNational Memorial for Peace and JusticeVOTE